Situational Fluency Shortens Sales Cycles

It is now an accepted axiom that sellers who can command the message and wield Situational Fluency will be far more effective.


Situational Fluency is the ability of a seller to demonstrate instant credibility and knowledge ownership with respect not just to the products and services they sell, but more importantly the prospect's unique challenges and buying journey.

Are your sellers Situationally Fluent?  Here are a few questions you can ask to find out:

  1. Can all sellers immediately and expertly respond to the top 10 sales objections? 

  2. Do sellers understand the key pain points and buyer personas for the most important use cases of your products and services?

  3. Can your sellers spontaneously ask the most relevant qualification questions by use case, persona, and industry? 

  4. Can every seller immediately describe the top 5 key differentiators for every product/solution/service you sell?

  5. Can everyone name and describe the top 3 customer case studies for each use case and industry, on command?

  6. Does everyone know the top 3 silver bullets and competitive traps for each of your top 3 competitors?

  7. Does everyone fully understand product/solution pricing and how to respond to difficult pricing questions, without picking up the phone to ask someone?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, just 1/2 day with The Sales Enablement Game can GUARANTEE a baseline level of Situational Fluency for your entire team.  And if you don't have a playbook that contains all of this content, SEG can build one for you in as little as 3 weeks.

The Sales Enablement Game is patent-pending.  Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.


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