Frequently Asked Questions

How does the game work?


4-6 players at each table play 8 hands (1 session).  Each hand features an ante plus two rounds of betting and involves a simple, 5-card poker hand and a question card that maps to content in the playbook.  Questions and answers are read aloud and players use their playbooks to check answers.  After a single practice round everyone is an expert and ready to have more fun learning than they ever thought possible.

What are the pre-requisites for the game?  How do I get started?


The first thing you will need is a sales playbook or some other "body of knowledge" that you want to "test against".  There really is no limit to what kind of knowledge or content you can enable with The Sales Enablement Game (SEG).  From there, the SEG team will create a customized version of the game for your specific requirements, which takes about 2-4 weeks.   If you don't have a sales playbook and need one, SEG can create one for you 3 weeks.

Who from the sales organization should participate?

Anyone can participate who needs to gain Situational Fluency.  This includes Account Executives, Inside Sales, SDRs/BDRs, Customer Success, Sales Engineers, and Professional Services.  Sales Managers who wish to participate are welcome to.  SEG is also ideal for Customer Support teams, although this typically requires a separate set of content and a separate game customization.

Do sellers need to study their playbooks prior to playing?

Yes, for best results all participants should receive a hardcopy or electronic version of the playbook 1-2 weeks or more in advance of the event.  Announcing winning prizes in advance can be an effective motivator to ensure study time.  Announcing that a real-time leaderboard will be visible at the training session is another motivator.

How long does the game take?

This depends on the amount of content in the playbook.  Each session of gameplay is around 1 hour long, and it takes approximately 3 sessions for all participants to become enabled on the majority of the content in a typical playbook.  Therefore, SEG can be implemented in 1/2 day tournaments, which typically results in retention of around 75%-80% of all playbook content.  Shorter playbooks require approximately 2 hours of gameplay.

How do you win the game?  What do winners get? ​ 

Winning totals are tracked for each table/session and the top 5-7 players will play at the Final Table during the last hour of the event.  There are typically 2-3 runner up tables that compete for secondary prizes.  Winners and runners up are typically awarded cash prizes, gifts, or other incentives.  Another popular option for Sales Kickoffs and other larger-scale events is an automatic Club Qualification for the Final Table winner.

Is there gambling involved?  Will people lose money? ​ 

No!  SEG-hosted events do not involve gambling of any kind.  No money or buy-in is required by players, and chips have no monetary value or monetary denomination.  However, clients often choose to offer prizes for winners.

How many players do I need?  What is the maximum?​  

An SEG tournament requires at least 12 participants, 3 tables of 4.  There is no maximum, SEG can be run for sales teams as large as 500, 1,000, or even 5,000 sellers.

What is the ideal venue for the game? 

SEG can be run at events both onsite or offsite, but one key requirement is separate tables or playing surfaces that can accommodate 4-6 participants each.  Some options include a company cafeteria, a hotel conference center, or a community clubhouse.

Who hosts the game?

SEG is offered in a couple of different options:

Non-Hosted: Purchase the game from SEG and run the game/event unassisted with your own facilitators.

Hosted: SEG will run and facilitate the game for your team, which also includes branded, casino-quality suede playing surfaces for each table as well as a live leader board to track everything. 


Hosted Plus: Everything you get with Hosted PLUS professional MC, videographer, and professional final poker table with MC play-by-play in front of the entire audience and live-feed for remote audiences.  This is ideal for groups of 100 or more.


Vegas Tournament: This all-inclusive option is popular for large, enterprise sales teams.  All lodging, food, entertainment, and other onsite costs in Las Vegas are included in one per-attendee fee.  The only item not covered is airfare.  This is a full day event with all attendees arriving the day before.

What will each participant receive after the event? 

Each participant will receive a customized game kit that includes casino-quality poker chips, game cards, instructions, a betting card, a card stand, and a dealer button.  Players can use the game after the event for 1-1 or team play with colleagues to continually reinforce knowledge ownership and Situational Fluency.

Can I get a digital version of the playbook? 

Yes, for an extra fee SEG can deploy the playbook in an easy-to-navigate digital format that runs on any mobile device.

What if I have the content for the playbook but it is spread across dozens of different documents? 

The SEG team has developed a way to rapidly assimilate disparate content in a single playbook format in just 3 weeks.

What happens to the game when my playbook gets updated? 

The only part of the game that needs to be updated after a playbook update is the Playbook Cards.  If SEG builds your playbook we can arrange to "rev" your playbook every 6 months to keep it current.  Each playbook revision will come with new Playbook Cards for each player.

Any other logistical or AV requirements?

A screen and projector is required to review game instructions and display the leaderboard.  Sound is required for groups of 30 or more.

The Sales Enablement Game is patent-pending.  Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.


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