You invest so much in your training events.  But what is the "take home value" of the event?  How much do your sellers really retain?  Most enterprise-class sellers have been through SO much sales training, they roll their eyes at the prospect of those tired, same-old-same-old lectures, seminars, and slideshows.  The Sales Enablement Game (SEG) offers an exciting new learning format that gets everyone fully engaged. 


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Sales Kickoffs
New Hire Bootcamps
Partner Training
Quarterly Trainings

Whether your kickoff is for 30 or 3,000, SEG is a foundational training and team-building experience that will tap into sellers' competitive spirts. 

Get new hires conversant in all the key sales messaging and product positioning from their first day.  They'll keep playing the game with their fellow new hires for weeks and months after bootcamp.

Partners typically want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.  1/2 day with SEG will help them retain all of the the key, go-to-market knowledge to make them immediately effective.

There's nothing sellers dread more than 2-3 days away from the field, sitting through presentation after presentation.  Give them a fun and motivating respite that will also educate and enlighten.

Team Building
1 Day Vegas Tournament
Cocktail Mixers

48 hours of inspection can get pretty old pretty fast.  Take a fun break with SEG and sneak in some training and enablement without them realizing they were actually learning!

Sometimes you just need some good old-fashioned team building to fire up the team and get everyone on the same page.  SEG is a perfect way to pump everyone up, build bonds, and sharpen the spear at the same time.

SEG is perfect for cocktail mixers following traditional training sessions or other meetings; participants have fun and relax while testing their knowledge of content learned during the day.

The SEG team has partnered with Las Vegas properties to provide a turnkey experience; just show up and become immersed in a high-stakes tournament of champions for teams of 100 to 10,000

The Sales Enablement Game is patent-pending.  Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.


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