The first ever customized sales training game to combine the fun of gambling-free Poker with rapid go-to-market content retention

Turn your onsite or offsite training sessions, kickoffs, new hire classes, and other events into team-building fun and lightning-fast learning sessions with a revolutionary new approach to enabling sellers.  Get your teams situationally fluent on product/solution differentiators, use cases, target buyer personas, competitive silver bullets, and any other content that maps to your key go-to-market objectives.

Address Your Key Enablement Challenges - and Fire Up Your Team
Achieve Playbook Adoption in ~3 hours

 Most playbooks end up on shelves and in drawers because until now there’s not been an interactive mechanism to help teams truly master playbook content.  And if you don't have a playbook we will build one for you in 2-3 weeks.

Supercharge Your Events

Inject a huge dose of morale-boosting fun and competition that also achieves a key objective of any sales and marketing leader - turn sellers into competitive weapons who can handle any objection and sell to any buyer type.

Shorten Sales Cycles

New research from Gartner shows that a sellers' "situational awareness" is critical to meeting customer needs and reducing sales cycles.  Repetitive game play is the best way to prepare sellers to respond fast to any prospect.

The Sales Enablement Game is patent-pending.  Unauthorized use or reproduction is prohibited.


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